Chambray Shirts – A How to Style Guide for Work

How to style and wear a chambray shirt if you work in a business causal office.

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Don't you just love a gorgeous denim shirt?? But for real, have you ever looked at that chambray sitting in your closet and thought, how the heck do I wear this?

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Chambray Denim Shirt | A guide on how to style a denim shirt for work

Well, welcome to my world! I have two awesome denim shirts, one is more of a western style, dirty denim, and the other is just a classic chambray button down. I work in a business casual office, which means I can totally rock these shirts during office hours. Lately, I’ve been trying to be a little bit more polished, and trying to get my wardrobe put together so I don’t wear the same thing every week. And that is where I run into the problem of how I can implement this shirts into my daily attire with out looking ‘under dressed’.

That’s where my best friend and yours Pinterest comes into play. I love when people post what they wore, or give you ideas on how to style an outfit. I’m not super creative when it comes to that stuff (other things – heck yes, but clothes not so much). I also have this weird planning issue so I figured that Pinterest could totally help me get a plan for  this month on what to wear – or more than likely, the entire year.

So, let’s be honest. I’m a pinterest junkie and I found a bunch of different ways to wear my little chambray shirts that for the most part are different from each other. And my simple math said 2 shirts each worn once a month is only 24 outfits. Yay! Which means I can now wear both of them once a month and not look the same each time.

I know you might be asking, how would I remember what I’ve done and haven’t done? Well, that is part of my obsession with being organized. Maybe some of you don’t care if you wear the same thing twice or not (before this job, I didn’t either). I do feel like it helps with my creativity, and keeps the days from becoming monotonous. With that said, I’m going to let you in on a huge secret…..STYLEBOOK!

This app is amazing. I’ve had it for a few years and have never done anything with it. This winter I finally took the time to add or photograph my clothes into the app, and now I can put together outfits, create a calendar, and even shop. It does tons more than that, but those are the top 3 features I love.

Okay, I digress. I did all this work to find a set of outfits that I love, and can totally manage to pull off and I want to share them with you.

I hope you like them, or find something of value to you. Let me know – what’s your favorite way to wear a chambray shirt??

Style Book App - Put together your wardrobe with just one app
Tan Cardigan, Floral Scarf, Chambray Shirt, Long White Tank, Black Leggings, Boot Socks, and Tan Boots

From The Pleated Poppy. This was the first look I tried! I switched out the pink/white scarf for an orange floral and wore darker brown boots. Loved it!

Herringbone Vest, Chambray button down, statement necklace, black pants, brown riding boots

From Pearls & Sports Bras. I bought one of these herringbone vests on Never would have thought about denim under it. Great idea!!

denim chambray shirt and mustard pants

From Little Miss Momma. Who doesn’t love mustard colored clothing? Looking for a great pair? Check out Old Navy’s Rockstar Mid Rise Skinny Jeans. Best pair ever!!!

pink blazer, chambray shirt, black skinny pants, heels

As seen on Instagram. I always needed a reason to buy a colored blazer. I guess this is my chance! And think, I can then find outfits to create around the blazer. Yay for new clothes.

chambray shirt, green army pants, brown belt, brown purse, flats

From Fashion Wife. Not totally in love with the cheetah flats, but I think a nice tortoise pair would do.

blanket scarf, button down denim chambray shirt, black leggings, and black boots.

From The Northeast Girl. The infamous blanket scarf. I’ve held off for so long getting one but I think they will be here to stay for awhile!! And why not, they look gorgeous!

cream puffer vest, chambray shirt, black tank, army green skinny jeans, flats

From Shop Style. I love the puffer vest, and I’ve been trying to figure out what else to wear with my green pants so this kills two birds with one stone!

chunky white cardigan, floral scarf, denim shirt, black leggings, boot socks, and brown boots.

From Bumping Hanger. I love the chunky cardigan. I would probably switch out for a pink scarf, more my style but I love the entire look!

stripped shirt, unbuttoned chambray shirt, black leggings, brown boots

From Fenzy Me. A little more casual than some of the others, but I could totally pull this off at my work. Remember when they used to say don’t mix brown with black? I love that the rules have been changed!!

mustard cardigan, chunky necklace, denim shirt, black chinos.

From Some Kind of Wonderful.  Of course – Mustard! But this time in a cardigan. I have more of a flare with my pants, we will see how it all works out…

chambray shirt and black maxi skirt.

From Stylish Wife. I’m a little on the short side, but this looks like it could really elongate a figure. And heels help too.

tweed blazer, denim button down, black skinny pants

From The Things We Would Blog. Does this not scream work appropriate! And tweed, who doesn’t love tweed??

Chambray button down denim shirt, white tank top, black leggings, and flats.

From Twinkie to Mom.  Oh the look that started it all. This was about the only way I knew how to wear my denim shirt, and now look at me – a whole list of ideas!!

black blazer, statement necklace, chambray shirt, white skinny pants, black accessories.

From Rue La La. White pants and me are sometimes fighting, because I’m not the most graceful person in the world. It doesn’t stop me from wearing them though, and in this I would be sure to try and keep myself clean for the day.

chambray button down, statement necklace, stripped skirt, and brown boots.

From Crowley Party. I feel like it’s a little country, but honestly I think it’s just the background of the photo. You know what they say though, you can take the girl out of the country but….

button down chambray shirt, high waisted black skirt.

From Astuces de filles. I’m more for the plain black skirt than the sparkles in the photo, but that’s just me. If you want, go ahead and sparkle away!

denim shirt, white tee, denim skinny jeans, and booties.

From Grace & Beauty. Not a fan of a denim tuxedo? Try light and dark together. People will never notice you are in head to toe denim!

button down denim shirt, brown belt, cream pencil skirt.

From I would have never thought about wearing it with a pencil skirt, but man do I love the look of this. Bonus, I’m pretty sure it would hide that ‘pouch’ that shows in the skirt.

chambray button down shirt and flowy skirt.

From Frenzy Me. I feel like this skirt is atrocious, however – I get where they were going with it. Well played. I think with a pretty pattern this would look fantastic!

chambray shirt and black skinny jeans or dark denim with heels.

From Outfit Posts. This is a little punk rocker, but also very chic. And I love my cigarette pants. I’m always looking for an excuse to squeeze into those!!

button down denim chambray, and white pants.

From Love Lipstick and Pearls. This says ‘vacation’ but is totally also office appropriate. If I didn’t truly love our casual jean Fridays, I would try to wear this all the time before a long weekend.

button down denim shirt, black scarf, white blouse, and lace skirt

From Ko-te.  Isn’t this just darling? I’ve always wanted a little lace skirt but have never found one I have to have. Well, I guess I need to start looking again!

leather jacket, denim button down, white shirt, army green pants and tan booties.

From Ways of Life. The epitome of cool right here. And all of those pieces are just hanging in my closet, begging to be worn.

chambray shirt, brown belt, tulle skirt, and heels.

From Grace and Beauty. I’m already imagining myself wearing this to work, and the finishing the day on a patio drinking some wine. Life would be sooooo good….

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